Meet Artist Brian Kirhagis

Brian Kirhagis is an artist of the times. He comes across very humble and would like to think he is a regular John Doe, who has a great sense of humor and is very in touch with world and current affairs. But he is no regular guy. He is a brilliant self-taught artist who consistently creates works of art that are powerful conversation pieces.

On Saturday November 29, 2008, we attended an art exhibition at Ceres Gallery, New York City, where three exhibits from Brian Kirhagis’ masterpieces were being showcased, alongside works by a few other artistes. We chatted with Brian Kirhagis about his work, and got a good sense of what inspires him, as well as how he came to be such a masterful artist.

In the early years, Brian Kirhagis’ art teacher told him he was not made for art and suggested that he pursued a career in another field. Being the obedient student that he was, Brian Kirhagis quit art and went in a different direction. Years later, he had a calling to return to art, and return he did. He sketched and painted and sketched and painted night and day and day and night, until he got in touch with the power that inspires and enables him to deliver masterpieces. Of course, he did not do it by himself. He got a little help from his ‘mentor’ Salvador Dalí, the brilliant Spanish Artist, whose life story and artistic technique is a motivating force and inspiration to him. Brian Kirhagis also has the word ‘patience’ tattooed in Arabic on his right hand (he is right-handed). Whenever he is tempted to quit ‘patience’ confronts him.

Brian Kirhagis’ art for the most part communicates life, and vice versa. He loves to party and have a good time, but he also has a healthy social conscience that keeps him connected with the issues and challenges that are ongoing in our world. His love for humanity and his concern about global issues are reflected in his works. Three of Brian Kirhagis’ works were featured at this exhibition. They are: Pray for Hip Hop (left), Generation Y (center), and Tied Up (right). These three works all have a few things in common. They are colorful, intricate, global, and powerful.

We asked Brian Kirhagis how did he know when a particular piece that he is working on is completed. His answer, ‘I get a certain feeling’.

Brian Kirhagis’ Exhibition Photo Gallery


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