Midnight Moon – A Summer Vernissage

Midnight Moon – A Summer Vernissage
Featuring Works of Art from Point Suite, A Book of Contemporary Art

Photograph of NUBIA and Lolita, guests at Midnight Moon.

On Saturday July 24, 2010, we attended Midnight Moon: A Summer Vernissage, Southampton, NY, which showcased works of art from some of the forty emerging artists who are featured in Point Suite, a soon-to-be released book of contemporary art. Point Suite is a brilliant project that is led by Annika Connor, who is also a featured artist in the book, and who is the founder of Active Ideas Productions. Active Ideas Productions is an innovative corporation whose mission is to serve the artistic community by facilitating the presence of emerging artists and educating the public about their work.

Here is our attempt to paint you a picture of how the evening went:

Beautiful sunshine with the temperature being just right gave the event a head start. Of course, the location was perfect; lovely home on a beach cliff with the perfect view. Magical and amazing works of art transformed an already beautiful home into a museum of art. And, to our surprise, the moon came out early, as if to be in full compliance with the theme of light and the Midnight Moon concept.

Guests, art lovers, came ready to see the presentation and to study and critique the different flavors of art that were on display. Some made their observations from afar, while others enjoyed close-ups. Cocktails and finger foods kept everyone cool and comfortable and soon laughter and chatter filled the air.

Then pianist Marina Boldyreva soothed our souls with a few delightful treats before being joined by singer Cate Cox, who sang beautifully. It was a truly great collaboration; a very talented a brilliant pianist and an amazing singer. The party of art continued well into the evening. And in a way it never ended.

Midnight Moon was co-curated by Jill Smith and Active Ideas Productions, and hosted by Peter Felfe.

For more information on Point Suite visit:


Midnight Moon Photo Gallery

Shakyra Interviews Annika Connor, Artist

Shakyra Interviews Nicholas Papadakis, Artist

Shakyra Interviews Jill Smith

Shakyra Interviews Marina Boldyreva, Pianist

Performance by Marina Boldyreva, Pianist

Performance by Singer Cate Cox & Pianist Marina Boldyreva

Video Playlist [All 6 Videos in one click]

List of Artists
Gabriela Alva Cal y Mayor, Claire Brassil, Megan Burns, Annika Connor, Tom Costa, Jason Cuvelier, Steven Day, Kerry Dean, Teodor Dumitrescu, Mark Dye, Jared Fisher, Micah Ganske, Kate Glasheen, Tracy Goodman, Chad Griffin, Palden Hamilton, Huber.Huber, Ariane Irle, Chris Jahncke, Jill Jeannides, Melanie Jelacic, Shay Kun, Daniela Mueller-Brunke, Zed Nelson, John Otter, Nicholas Papadakis, Joseph Paxton, Jason Peters, Colette Robbins, Woody Shepherd, Omar Thompson, Jennifer Tull Westberg, James Wolanin, Koichi Yamamoto, Carolina Zorrilla, and a few more artists to be named soon.

Special thanks to NUBIA, Annika Connor, and Peter Felfe.


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