Harlem Week 2010 Fashion Show

Cover Photo: Model in designs by Elizabeth Carson Racker.

Ten designers presented bold and beautiful designs at Harlem Week 2010 Fashion Show, Ulysses S. Grant National Memorial Park, Harlem, NY, July 25, 2010: 1. TBA Clothing, 2. India Harper, 3. Raif Atelier, 4. Steven Daniel, 5. Harlem’s Heaven Hats, 6. Ray Vincente, 7. Brazilian Bezel Swimwear, 8. Sadoms, 9. Thomas Lavone, and 10. Elizabeth Carson Racker.

Harlem Week 2010 Fashion Show Playlist

Harlem Week 2010 Fashion Show Interviews Playlist

Kudos to Deborah Williams and her team for putting together such a beautiful show. Thank you to all the designers, models, make-up artists, hair stylists, and the rest of the behind-the-scenes team for making this event possible. And a special thank you to William Michael Reid of Xpozure Entertainment.  Viva Harlem!

For more information on Harlem Week visit: www.HarlemWeek.com


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