Barrientos Couture

Model: Iryna Storozhuk * Photographer: Simon Soong

Cruz Barrientos was born in Puerto Rico, USA. From an early age, Cruz Barrientos showed talent for fashion and beauty. He studied pattern making and sewing with a local designer. After finishing High School, he moved to New York City to study Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). After years working in the bridal/evening wear industry, he opened his own business with Frank Baega, a made-to-order bridal.

Baerga/Barrientos opened its doors in 1993 at a very small location in lower Manhattan, within a year the company grew and move to a new location at the intersection of Broadway and 27th street.

Cruz Barrientos, being the creative partner, was in charge of design and supervision of all manufacturing. After few years Frank Baerga and Cruz Barrientos dissolved the business, and in 2003 Cruz Barrientos moved to South Florida looking for the warmth and beauty of the area that reminds him so much of his native Puerto Rico.

Cruz Barrientos is now working out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, making made-to-order evening and wedding gowns. He also has a blog where he shows haute couture techniques, and fine dressmaking.

Barrientos Couture Photo Gallery

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Photographer: Simon Soong
Model: Iryna Storozhuk
Make up: Aimee Ortega
Hair Style: Kaaren Alise


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