The Crystal Ball, A Fundraiser

Cover Photo (L-R) Deborah Williams, Gayle King, Reverend Andre Cook, & Brenda Culpepper

On Saturday November 13, 2010, we attended the 9th Biennial of “The Crystal Ball”, a fundraiser that was hosted by Fairfield County Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, at Hyatt Regency Greenwich, Old Greenwich, CT. Honorees at this prestigious and illustrious event were Legendary R&B Singing Group, Harold Melvin’s Blue Notes, and Best-selling Author, Publicist and Leading Health Advocate, Terrie Williams. The event also featured National Television Talk-Show Host and Honorary Chairperson, Gayle King. Proceeds from The Crystal Ball will benefit five organizations that are based in Connecticut: Habitat for Humanity and Domus, based in Stamford, Connecticut, the Norma Phreim Breast Cancer Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut, the Witness Project, and the Carver Center located in Norwalk, Connecticut. Rachel Herelle’s coverage of this event is coming right here soon:

The Crystal Ball Photo Gallery

For more information on Fairfield County Chapter of The Links, Incorporated visit:

Special thanks to Deborah Williams, of Her Game 2, and William Michael Reid, of Xpozure Entertainment, Inc.


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