JRG’s Holiday Party 2008

Models posing with a photograph of President Barack Obama.

JRG Entertainment is world famous for Bikini Under the Bridge and Glance (hot couture), Brooklyn’s two finest annual fashion shows. But JRG Entertainment is also known for throwing sikkK parties. On Saturday December 13, 2008, they held their annual holiday party at The Aviator, Brooklyn, NY. And what a party it was.

Models, designers, other players in fashion, dignitaries, and guests all rolled in (red carpet style to the flashing lights of photographers from Revenge Fashion Magazine and other media houses. Of course, the main attraction for the night was a real-life size photograph of Barack Obama, America’s 44th president. Everyone wanted to take a photograph with President Obama.

It was an awesome party that was high-energy from start to finish. There was a special performance by Rikardo and a very entertaining dancing contest. Everyone ate, drank, dance,d and had an enjoyable time.

JRG Entertainment had a great year. Bikini Under the Bridge was a success, Glance was a success, and their holiday party was also successful. Special thanks to JRG Entertainment for supporting us, Revenge Fashion Magazine. JRG Entertainment would like to say a special thank you to all the models, designers, all the other players in fashion, and to everyone who have supported them. We here at Revenge Fashion Magazine would like to thank everyone all over the world for your continued love and support. Let’s all make 2009 a great year under the leadership of Barack Obama.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. God bless you all.

Models who attended this party include: Kellie Miller, Colleen Artherly, Dean Blackwood, Adrian Watson, Noyota Steadman, Toni Thomas, Hughton Anderson, Donna Archer, and Michelle Kurbanali.

Designs represented at this party include: Kro Creationz, Lockdown International, Downtown Pat Brown, To Be Afrikan (TBA) Clothing, Softlines BKNY, Chika Apparel, Royal Rush, Yard Rock Clothing, Stephen Daniels, Lexx Perry, and Dazeke.

Barack Obama Et Al Photo Gallery

The Main Party Photo Gallery


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