Rewind: Bikini! 2010

Model Shakyra LaShae in designs by Yard Rock.

Bikini Under the Bridge 2010 (Bikini! 2010) was grand, global, and, of course, spectacular. It was held on Sunday July 11, 2010, at the Power House Arena, in the Dumbo area of Brooklyn, NY, close to the Brooklyn Bridge, which is the historic iconic bridge that is being referred to in the name Bikini Under The Bridge. The event was also a champagne popping occasion, it being that Bikini Under The Bridge was in its fifth year.

JRG Entertainment, hosts and presenters of Bikini Under The Bridge, will deliver Bikini Under the Bridge year six on Sunday July 17, 2011, at the Brooklyn Marriott Hotel, Brooklyn, NY. Watch our flashback video of Bikini Under the Bridge 2010, below. This video features every designer, every model, and every scene from the event.

Designers In The Order They Presented

5:00 pm Show
1. Richnits, 2. Omega 98, 3. House of Culture, 4. Niki Chin Couture, and 5. Brazilian Bezel

7:00 pm Show
1. Yard Rock, 2. Chila For Fun, 3. Me, 4. Swiyyah Couture, 5. Samali, and 6. Derek Moore

Rewind: Bikini! 2010

Meet the Models of Bikini! 2011

Flyer for Bikini! 2011


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