Chaconia Intimates

Designer Nesta Findlay was born creative. She is bringing to fashion an intimate revolution. Chaconia Intimates, by Nesta, are designed for great comfort and to trigger sparks. Bye bye boring!

Chaconia is the national flower of Trinidad and Tobago. Chaconia is also known as the “Pride of Trinidad and Tobago”. Coincidentally, this beautiful flower consistently blooms on the anniversary of the Independence of Trinidad (August 31, 1962).

Here is Nesta in the first person:

Name of Enterprise
Chaconia Intimates

601 East 19th Street Suite 5G Brooklyn, NY 11226

Designs intimate apparel for women

Name of Owner
Nesta Findlay

Hometown of Owner

Brooklyn, New York

Read, dance, write poetry

My grandmother, who has passed, has influenced me greatly. She was so strong, and she made the impossible possible. My mother also influences me, because of her strength and her positive attitude toward life.

I am inspired in three ways. First, my inspiration deeply comes from knowing that I am a child of God. Knowing that my life is a gift and a blessing inspires me to be the best person I can be in this life. Secondly, thinking I can leave a legacy behind for my future children and family continue to inspire me. Thirdly, reading the incredible stories of entrepreneurs, their struggles and successes keeps me so motivated.

Born and raised in beautiful island of Trinidad, I came to New York City at the age of 9. I fell right into place with friends and was always creating something. Once graduating from high school, I attended St. John’s University in New York. I graduated in 2000 with a B.S. in Communications in hand.

I pursued a career in publishing where I worked in advertising, marketing and public relations for several magazines including fashion and bridal. I was in the bridal industry for about 4 years. I worked with so many designers form Paris, Spain, Italy and here in the U.S. This is where I started to fall in love with fashion. I can credit my experience of styling and coordinating high end fashion shows, photo shoots and couture bridal trade shows to my present day venture. My experience in the fashion and magazine industry gave me great insight on what I truly loved to do. My desire to express my own creativity has led me to take on my most exciting role as owner and designer of Chaconia.

Future Plans
I want to continue building Chaconia into a lifestyle brand. The future of Chaconia will be an empire, producing not only intimates, but swimwear, children, accessories, fragrance, handbags, footwear – the list goes on. Opening Chaconia boutiques in the US and Caribbean markets are also in future plans.

Most importantly, with the success of Chaconia, I would love to develop community organizations for young girls to express their creativities through the arts, while learning about self love and self-esteem.

Advice to Humankind
Fear in not an option – Don’t let the fear of succeeding or what other people may say deter you from accomplishing your most passionate dreams. Always remember, you alone are creating the map of your life, listen to your inner voice – the words of others do not hold any victory over your success or existence.

Contact Info
Tel. 718-859-2271

The launch of Chaconia Intimates, by Nesta, took place at Professor Thom’s, NYC, on 07/21/07. Great show! Nesta’s 30th birthday party was a part of the after party. The photo galleries of the show and of the after party are below. Be a witness to the creative designs of Chaconia Intimates.

Chaconia Intimates Photo Gallery

The After Party Photo Gallery


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