Model Lau Fong in Work Party Ruffles Rose Knit Dress by YANE MODE.

YANE MODE is a high-end independent designer brand with class and taste. The word ‘MODE’ in French stands for FASHION. The brand is famous for its delicate draping technique which forms women’s body shape perfectly.

Using soften jersey knit as key fabric provides the dresser with great comfort and enhances her personality. The little dresses of YANE MODE are poplar among missy ladies and successful business women. The dresses are adoptable not only for evening but also for work.

YANE MODE’s dress is not only an appeal, but also presents one’s taste level. YANE MODE brings classy yet feminine style to the market in affordable price. The customers are successful, confident, and tasteful modern group.

YANE MODE is an Anti-Fur designer brand supporting animal welfare and earth awareness and participates in various celebrity charity shows and global exhibitions.

YANE MODE Photo Gallery

For more information on YANE MODE visit: www.YaneMode.com

Models: Lau Fong and Neroulina Fukushima
Photography by Yan Fong Design Studio
Styling & Production by Yan Fong Design Studio


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