Special Feature ~ All Eyes On Daneyah

Daneyah in dress by Steven Daniel.

Revenge Fashion Magazine presents All Eyes on Daneyah (Nixon), Keston Duke’s Studio, Harlem, NY, October 8, 2011. Daneyah is a very special model who is defined by her grace and beauty. We love her and wish her well.

Featuring clothing from the following designers, in the order they appear:

1. Avril Lemieux, 2. Steven Daniel, 3. Raymond Chow, 4. Thomas Lavone, and 5. Deborah Williams.

All Eyes On Daneyah Video

Watch in Wide Screen

Make-up and hair by Lyne Walke and Jose Lopez, respectively.

For bookings, contact William Michael @ wmmichaelreid@yahoo.com

Special thanks to Keston Duke, of Keston Duke Studio, and to William Michael Reid of Xpozure Modeling.

Xpozure Modeling

Keston Duke


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