Plitzs NYC Fashion Week 2011

Model in designs by Terese Sydonna.

Plitzs New York City Fashion Week took place on September 10-11, 2011, DANY Studios, New York, NY. Coverage from the runway show on September 10, 2011. Ten designers presented beautiful designs in the following order:

1. Sofistafunk, 2. Avril Lemieux, 3. Vanda Tique, 4. Takishma Faison Collection, 5. Domino Couture, 6. Marckus Raylond Collection, 7. Fennchurch Vintage, 8. Terese Sydonna, 9. Sa Ga NYC, by Sandra Gagalo, and 10. Elena V. Designs.

Plitzs New York City Fashion Week Playlist

Plitzs New York City Fashion Week Photo Gallery

Make-up by Backstage Cosmetix.

Make-up by
Chic Studios

Viva Glam
Koiif Koutoure, by Kathy Louis

Dave & Buster’s, Backstage Cosmetix, and Creative Team Studios.

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