Chila For Fun

Model: Ashley King

Chila Fabian is a very talented and creative person who likes to have fun. So when she thought about a name for her mostly handmade line, she decided on calling it Chila for Fun. In a very fast-paced world, handmade fashion has become almost extinct. However, Chila believes in it and she is firm in her patience and dedication in delivering one-of-a-kind intricacies. She is an artist, who knits and crochets constantly, creatively, and beautifully for people who care about having very personal distinguishing pieces. It’s feel-good fashion created by someone who is very passionate about her craft and who sincerely cares about striking a balance between survival and protecting the environment. Make room for Chila for Fun.

Here is Chila, in the first person:

Chila for Fun

963 Bushwick Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11221

Fashion Designer (Handmade Line)

Name of Owner
Chila Fabian

Hometown of Owner
Born in El Salvador C. A., and raised in Los Angeles CA.

Brooklyn, NY 11221

Have fun! Swimming, bike ridding, dancing, painting with water colors, writing poetry, and traveling.

I’ve been influenced by my parents, my culture, my roots, and hip hop!

My inspiration comes from my environment, nature, culture, art, life, struggle, and even the search for the American Dream. These are basic elements in my creations.

Chila for Fun is an upcoming designer based in Brooklyn, New York City. Her authentic handmade designs are garnering her attention worldwide. Born in El Salvador and raised in Los Angeles, Chila developed and exclusive line of crochet designs that exhibits art, color, flavor, and great combinations. Chila often shows her avant-garde qualities and couture skills, while mixing hints of culture, art, happiness, and modern life into every creation. She creates one-of-a-kind pieces and often able to recreate designs for her clients with no problem. Chila also carries a unique line of recycle jeans.

“It is my priority to emphasize on comfort, and quality as I am trying to maintain hand work alive. Hand work is often overlooked, when it should be praised for the creative detail and the time involved”.

When you buy from Chila for Fun, you contribute toward education and to a safer environment.

Future Plans
In some of my future plans, I expect to create another unique and fabulous collection. I hope to establish educational fund in Guatemala and El Salvador, as well as opening job opportunities within my company. Talent as always will stay striking, and professional.

Advice to humankind
Unity is the power! I wish that we all unify and be concern about global warming and human conditions. Technology is needed but social simplicity and natural grounds are just as important for our existence!

Contact Info
Telephone: 347 423 4679
Model Mayhem:

Chila For Fun Photo Gallery

Special thanks to all the models
April Hall
Desireé Robinson
Haja Rahim
Jah Williams
Joanna Ventour
Misael Montes
Nally Cruz
Soraya Williams
Toni Thomas

Photographic contributions by:
AJ Jawa Photo
Artur Drejer
Luis Molina


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