World Premiere of Revenge Fashion Magazine’s Runway Cam

Model Shanika DeBerry with runway cam strapped to her head.

We premiered our runway cam at Plitzs’ Swimwear Passion for Fashion 2012. This is the very first time an action cam is being introduced to a fashion runway anywhere in the world.



Cam Models
* Shanika DeBerry
* Indalisha Diaz
* Alora-Rose Morgan

Featured Designers
* ColeFacts
* DP Bikinis
* Bombshell Bikinis

Plitzs Fashion Marketing’s second annual Swimwear Passion for Fashion was spectacular, Warwick Hotel, New York, NY, June 16, 2012. Eighteen designers presented beautiful, creative, and colorful designs in three showcases, on a runway that saw over 125 energetic model.

Chic Studios NYC

Team Yale ‘WA’ and Kathy Louis

For more information on Plitzs Fashion marketing visit:


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