Plitzs Swimwear Passion for Fashion 2012

Model Lorena Tolentino in La Maison De Pascale Swimwear.

Plitzs Fashion Marketing’s second annual Swimwear Passion for Fashion was spectacular, Warwick Hotel, New York, NY, June 16, 2012. Eighteen designers presented beautiful, creative, and colorful designs in three showcases, on a runway that saw over 125 energetic models. This Plitzs SPF 2012.

Showcase One

Designers: Eulena Leader Elusive, by Eulena Leader, Koko D, by Tamara Cummings & Kimore Young, Tease Swimwear, by Janet Pepe, Ston Crawford Apparel, by Ston Crawford, Intimate Icandi, by Aiesha Johnson, and ColeFacts, by Michelle Cole.

Show Case Two

Designers: DP Bikini, by Deanna Padovani-DePaco, AdianiC, by Adisa Christopher, Vizcaya Swimwear, by Lisa Opie, Victoria Swimwear, by Victoria Spector, The Label, by Merianne Gonzalez & Stephanie Wood, and Moontess, by Mihaela Ciupei.

Showcase Three

Designers: Bombshell Bikinis, by Crystal Kahri, Aphrodisiac Swimwear, by Pat Brown, Dija Swimwear, by Laura Lewis, RockStar Bikini, by Shonda Lewis, La Maison De Pascale, by Marina Zaitseva, and Chandra Maharaj Swimwear, by Chandra Maharaj.

Plitzs SPF 2012Teaser

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