Introducing Lucky No. 5, A Novel by Monica Michelle

Author Monica Michelle poses with Lucky No. 5.

Lucky No. 5 is a work of fiction written by Monica Michelle for the admirer of a great story and the hopeless romantic. It focuses on 39-yr old Dr. Blase Melesse Morgan, a determined and successful dermatologist living in Harlem, New York, who, surrounded by her best friends, realizes the one thing she is missing – love. It is a beautiful story that is a must-read.

On Saturday December 7, 2013, we attended the New York City launch for the Lucky No. 5, Covo Lounge, New York, NY. It was a beautiful success.

Lucky No. 5 is published by Novelista Publishing and is available at and the Kindle Store. For more information on Lucky No. 5 visit:

Lucky No. 5 Video

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