Meet Iryna Storozhuk

Photograph by Laura Tillinghast –

Iryna Storozhuk is a professional model, and since Revenge is a global fashion magazine we would like to add that she is also a lesson in geography. You are looking at our very first Ukrainian female Renaissance Model. Eastern Europe sure looks beautiful.

Iryna has brought to modeling a body that is work of art and the brain of success. Her poses are perfect.

Here is Iryna in the first person:

Iryna Storozhuk

Code Name

Professional model

Izmail, Ukraine

Miami Beach, Fl

Go to the movies, play with my dog!


My dreams

I was born at May 22, 1985 in Izmail town, at the south of Ukraine in the engineer’s family, parents was always at work, I read a lot, did sport. Finished courses of painting, knitting, dancing, English language. Graduated first time as the operator of personal computer (1999). Started to work from 12 as the advertisement manager at the school night club. Miss School 2000, 2001, 2002 years. Winners of the region competition in categories…”best article” and “best poem” (2002). First love…beautiful relationship with the Mister School 2000.

Left home at 16 and went to study accountant and audit at the Odessa National Polytechnic University in Odessa city. I sold flowers at the night club on weekends. Won the Nivea’s competition as the best article about “Nivea costumer” (2003). Finished International Model School “Scarlett” at 18. Started to work as a model in Ukraine and Turkey. Become office-manager, manager and general manager at the Real Estate company in Odessa in 8 months (2005). Opened my own Marriage agency at 2006. Started to travel…Cyprus, Egypt, Thailand, Russia, Turkey. Finished university year earlier with high marks. I got engage 3 times…never got married!

I love to read Friedrich Nietzsche and Erich Maria Remarque. Love to listen music of Antonio Vivaldi. My heroes are Lou Andreas-Salome, The Count of Monte Cristo and my father. I met a lot of great people all over the world.

I moved to USA, Miami…I am doing modeling, building the fundament for my own family, writing articles for Ukrainian newspapers about great opportunities in America.

Future Plans
To get married, to open my own business

Advice to humankind
Everything will be ok!

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