Jamaica Nyce Interviews Carla Campbell, Top Model

Irie Jam Media Group’s Caribbean Fashion Rocks 2010 was spectacular, held on Sunday April 25, 2010, at LQ Nightclub, New York City. It was a star-studded event with diplomats, dignitaries, supermodels, and fashionistas in attendance. Ten very talented designers presented colorful and creative designs. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award to global fashion ICON Kingsley Cooper, of Pulse Investments Ltd in Jamaica, who launched the careers of numerous international models, including Vogue and Gucci models Nadine Willis, Jaunel McKenzie, Gaye McDonald, Jeneil Williams, as well as Sports Illustrated swimsuit model & Esquire cover girl Carla Campbell. Mr. Cooper was given the awarded for his outstanding contribution to the global fashion industry.

Jamaica Nyce caught up with top model Carla Campbell at the event for a quick interview. Here it is:

Jamaica Nyce Interviews Carla Campbell, Top Model

Jamaica Nyce: Hi I am Jamaica Nyce and we are here at Caribbean Fashion Rocks. And we are here with one of the top beautiful models, Carla Campbell. How are you?

Carla Campbell: I am well.

Jamaica Nyce: Good! Good! How are you enjoying the night?

Carla Campbell: Oh I am having fun with my people and seeing friends from long time ago, so it’s fun.

Jamaica Nyce: Are you a regular in New York?

Carla Campbell: Ah, right now, I am back in Jamaica doing my masters.

Jamaica Nyce: Oh wonderful! Wonderful! What are you studying?

Carla Campbell: Business Management.

Jamaica Nyce: Wonderful! So how has it been since you entered into this fashion in this fashion industry?

Carla Campbell: It’s been very good. It’s a lot of years now I’ve been modeling; it’s been 10 years. So it’s been very good. I got what I expected. I’m still doing it. I’m still very active. Still in school. But I love modeling, it’s my world.

Jamaica Nyce: So how do you manage with school, traveling, doing shoots, and things like that?

Carla Campbell: It’s pretty hard…but you have to strike a balance. Of course school comes first, but you have to make the money to go to school…but I just strike a balance somewhere along the line.

Jamaica Nyce: What are you aspirations?

Carla Campbell: Aspirations for me is the sky’s the limit. I try to push myself to achieve and accomplish as much as I possibly can.

Jamaica Nyce: So, you modeled for Victoria’s Secret?

Carla Campbell: I did Victoria’s Secrets yes. But most recently Sports Illustrated.

Jamaica Nyce: Sports Illustrated?

Carla Campbell: Yes. I did Sports Illustrated, ah, 2008.

Jamaica Nyce: How was that experience?

Carla Campbell: Oh, it was the most hilarious time of my life, shooting in St. Barts with all the people. They were really nice people. Of course, everyone knows Sports Illustrated, the number one men’s magazine. And it’s printed only once per years. So it was really a great accomplishment for me.

Jamaica Nyce: How was the experience working with Pulse?

Carla Campbell: Oh Pulse has been awesome throughout the years. They’ve pushed my career into something I never knew would happen. It was rough in the beginning but as soon as you I overcame a few obstacles it got better. And so things started happening.

Jamaica Nyce: So what would you like to tell young aspiring models…?

Carla Campbell: It’s kinda hard. It’s rough. But if you believe in it, if it is something you really want to do I would say go for it. I did it. So if I did it, you can do it.

Jamaica Nyce: So will you be ripping the runway tonight?

Carla Campbell: So dem sey (which means ‘yes, definitely’).

Jamaica Nyce: So we look forward to seeing you and thanks for talking with us.

Carla Campbell: Thanks for having me.

Jamaica Nyce: Thank you.

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