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Some people say Hal Linton sounds a lot like Marvin Gaye. Some say he sounds a lot like Al Green. Then there are those who compare him to Prince (or the artiste formerly known as Prince). For us, Hal Linton is Hal Linton, a musical genius with his own versatile DNA. But there is no disagreement here. We all agree that he is very talented and that he brings to music a brilliant melody that the world has been yearning for.

On November 5, 2009, we traveled to Barbados, Hal’s home country, to attend his private listening and thank you party, held at Black Pearl nightclub and restaurant in Christ Church. It was a distinguished an illustrious event that was attended by Barbados government officials, dignitaries, celebrities, and other special guests. Anticipation and expectations ran high as the guests waited for Hal to deliver tracks from his upcoming album, titled Return From The Future. And delivered he did, in fine style. His performance was amazing and resounding. All who were present, including us, loved every minute of it and wanted more. And even after we got more we still wanted more. We just could not get enough. But unfortunately, the evening had to come to an end.

Hal Linton’s album, Return From The Future, is expected to be released in the summer of 2010. Take note of these dates and start counting down. Hal Linton is one artiste you will one to hear.

Hal Linton is signed to Universal Motown Records. We here at Revenge Fashion Magazine wish Hal Linton good luck and continued success.

Hal Linton’s Listening Party Photo Gallery

Hal Linton in Barbados Photo Gallery

Hal Linton on BET’s Rising ICONs

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For more information on Hal Linton visit: www.Myspace.com/HalLinton

Note: Special appearances at Hal Linton’s listening party by Ayana John, Mahalia Phillips, and Nitro (from the Caribbean Hip Hip Movement).

Special thanks to Chris Chester and Teneille Doyle of MIM’s Management.


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