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Models in designs by BlacMéra, by Yuliana Candra, at Couture Fashion Week (Feb. 2012).

Revenge Fashion Magazine is a global online fashion magazine that features new and existing designers, models, make-up artists, and other players in fashion and other art forms. Our mission is to inform, inspire, embolden, and empower players in fashion, and to deliver great fashion to lovers of fashion all over the world. We are very passionate about fashion and about empowerment and are committed to using our platform to give global exposure especially to new creative and talented players in fashion.

We love colors and we love (and are for) diversity in everything, including fashion. We understand that creativity does not discriminate, so we go everywhere to cover fashion events. Please support the designers that we feature and please support diversity in fashion.

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Invite us to cover your next fashion week or fashion event, anywhere in the world. We cover fashion events in the New York City area free of charge. For all other locations we require that the following costs are covered for a crew of at least two members: airfare, hotel, transportation, and food. A stipend or a fee may also be charged.

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