Our Services

Model Dominique in ColeFacts, by Michelle Cole.

Coverage of Fashion Events
Revenge Fashion Magazine provides coverage of fashion events in the New York City area for free. We charge a fee to cover all fashion events outside of the New York City area. We will travel to anywhere in America and the world to cover fashion events. The fee charged is based on the scope of the fashion event, and includes airfare, hotel accommodation, and transportation.

Revenge Fashion Privé
Revenge Fashion Privé is a premium private client service that is offered by Revenge Fashion Magazine. For a premium and at our discretion, we will provide photo &/or video fashion-related features under terms that are tailored to meet clients needs. We will also work with clients who prefer to provide their own photographs &/or videos. All clients who wish to provide photographs &/or video must satisfactorily establish that they have full rights to the photographs &/or video that is submitted for the feature, and the quality of the submitted material must be great.

Photo and Video Licensing
Revenge Fashion Magazine provides licenses to third parties to use our beautiful high quality photographs and videos. Reason(s) for use must be specified unambiguously in writing. Of course, we reserve the right to accept or reject applications. Licensing fees are based on the terms of use.

We look forward to working with you. For more information, please email us: info@RevengeFashionMagazine.com

Thank you.

G. Gray, MBA, Editor